Skoda’s Vision 7S Concept Car Teased With ‘Modern Solid’ Design

This is our first glimpse at the exterior design of the Skoda Vision 7S Concept Car, taking the form of an all-electric SUV.

The Vision 7S Concept Car will debut a new design language for the car manufacturer which is characterized by a bold front fascia with a wider and flatter grille that is closed and has been darkened. Meanwhile, the bold headlights have been repositioned far out to the edge of the vehicle and are complemented by LED daytime running lights that sit above the main lights, forming a T shape.

The front bumper of the Skoda Vision 7S Concept Car is also particularly striking thanks to the seven vertically arranged air inlets, one of which is finished in orange. The lower apron also sports an aluminum underride guard.

Skoda’s Vision 7S Concept

Skoda has also previewed the concept with a set of large silver and black wheels, cameras in place of traditional wing mirrors, thick C-pillars and a twin roof-mounted spoiler. Key areas of the front are mimicked at the rear, including the T-shaped taillights and the seven vertical air inlets. A similar aluminum guard is also found at the rear.

These sketches have been released one week after Skoda offered us a glimpse of the Vision 7S’s interior. The intriguing cabin will be dominated by a free-standing portrait infotainment touchscreen. Skoda’s designers have also equipped the concept with a small digital instrument cluster, physical knobs for the climate control, and a four-spoke steering wheel with both a flat bottom and flat top. A three-row layout is also expected.

Skoda is tipped to unveil the Vision 7S Concept Car on August 30. While it is not yet known if it will spawn a production model, we do know that the ‘Modern Solid’ design language that it will debut is set to be featured across future Skoda models.

Skoda’s Vision 7S Concept


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