Futuristic Jeep Wrangler Render Looks Like It Came From Another Planet

This is an independent design study by Arjun Kurunji that is neither endorsed by nor is it related to Jeep.

The fourth-generation Jeep Wrangler will likely be around in some form until at least the end of the decade but that hasn’t stopped Arjun Kurunji from designing a futuristic, next-generation model that looks, unlike any Jeep before it.

If Jeep continues to sell the Wrangler beyond 2030, it will probably only be offered with an all-electric powertrain in most markets, and in theory, this could allow Jeep to radically overhaul its design and create something truly unique and unlike any other vehicle out there.

Kurunji’s dream Wrangler has been showcased solely as a two-door model and has a particularly intriguing front end with an LED light bar, a winch, and bright red tow hooks. It also features a completely flat roof and has pronounced wheel arches just like all previous generations of the Wrangler, albeit now more neatly incorporated into the rest of the bodywork.

The glasshouse of this futuristic Jeep also stands out due to the upright windshield, curved edges, and narrow side windows. The roof of the Wrangler also features LED driving lights and has a small roof rack, as well as a large sunroof.

The rear of this Wrangler is just as bold as the front and includes an LED light, a skid plate, tow hooks, and flared arches. Rounding out the most eye-catching elements of the vehicle’s design are the five-spoke silver and black wheels, rugged off-road tires, and the side steps.

While we don’t yet know what the long-term future holds for the Wrangler, we do know that an all-electric version is in the works and is expected to hit the market as a 2024 model.



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