Wuling EV Previewed In Indonesia With Tiny Wheels And A Face Inspired By VR Glasses

Wuling is known for producing the Mini EV, which is quite popular in China, and the automaker has just unveiled a new similarly-sized vehicle in Indonesia. The Wuling EV debuted in Jakarta featuring a small footprint, electric powertrain, and futuristic styling cues.

Desing-wise, Wuling’s mini-cars have nothing in common in terms of body panels. The Wuling EV adopts a single-box silhouette with a tiny bonnet and a large aerodynamic windshield. The signature element is the high-mounted LED strip that expands towards the profile serving as a base for the mirrors, with the regular headlights positioned lower on the front bumper. According to the designers, this setup was inspired by the VR glasses which will become an important part of our future due to the metaverse.

The profile is characterized by the tiny wheels which make the EV look like a supermarket cart. Another feature is the rear side windows which are significantly taller than the front side windows. Finally, the vertical rear end has a similar treatment to the front in terms of the split lighting units.

The official presentation of the Wuling EV didn’t mention anything about the model’s specifications. However, a few weeks ago the identical Wuling Air leaked from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealing some information. The Chinese-spec model will come in two variants – a two-seater measuring 2,599 mm (102.3 inches) long, and a four-seater measuring 2,974 (117.1 inches) long. Both will be fitted with an electric motor producing 40 hp (30 kW / 40 PS), with Wuling positioning it higher than the Mini EV and the Nano EV.

The Wuling EV will be exhibited at the “Electrify Your World” event in Jakarta between June 1 and 5. The model will be soon offered for sale in Indonesia, and it has been announced as the official car for the G20 Bali Summit this November. In China, the Wuling Air twin is expected to debut in the third quarter of 2022.


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