Would You Be Interested In This Damaged Lucid Air Dream Edition?

One of the rare 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition models has been wrecked and sadly found its way onto Copart.

Lucid capped production of the Air Dream Edition to just 520 units and while it isn’t clear if this variant is the ‘Performance’ or the ‘Range’ model, it has obviously seen better days and will be quite costly to fix.

Details about the crash this Lucid Air was involved in aren’t provided but it has clearly taken quite a shunt to the front passenger-side quarter. We can see that the bumper and headlight have been damaged, as has the quarter panel and the front passenger door. In addition, the rear quarter panel has also been significantly dented and will need to be replaced as well.

As long as no serious mechanical damage has been done to the suspension components or any parts affiliated with the electric powertrain, repairing this Lucid Air shouldn’t be too difficult for an experienced body shop. However, sourcing replacement parts from Lucid could prove to be somewhat difficult as it is unclear just how many are available and how much the car manufacturer is charging for body panels.

We have our fingers crossed that someone will come to save this Lucid Air as it would be sad to see such an expensive and cutting-edge electric vehicle scrapped so soon after hitting the road. Just last week, a Lucid Air Dream Edition was destroyed by fire while on a transport truck. According to the car manufacturer, that fire is said to have started in the engine compartment of the truck and not the EV itself.

Those fortunate enough to secure a reservation for a Lucid Air Dream Edition had to cough up no less than $170,500 for the privilege but given the demand for the car, it is no surprise that some examples are fetching a premium on the used car market.



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