What’s With These Teslas Spotted Under Wraps Ahead Of Cyber Rodeo Event In Texas?

A drone pilot has posted photos of a collection of vehicles hiding under wraps at Tesla’s soon-to-be-opened factory in Austin, Texas. The photos suggest that the automaker has big plans for its “Cyber Rodeo” tonight.

The event is a slightly controversial opportunity for Tesla to open its new factory that will build the Model Y crossover. CEO Elon Musk is expected to attend the event, which is often a signal that some announcements or brash statements will be made. The presence of a number of vehicles under wraps is, therefore, cause for excitement among fans of the brand.

The photos, captured and posted to Twitter by Joe Tegtmeyer show several vehicles parked within the factory, including a Tesla Semi, whose path to production has long been shrouded in mystery. There is also an octet of vehicles hiding under car covers.

6 April 2022 Giga Texas IMAGES! 1 day until “Cyber Rodeo”! Night flight around factory, lots of stages & setup W side, N transformation nearly complete & GeoPier work underway in the far NE … plus very special arrivals! See more in my YouTube Video (@JoeTegtmeyer) later today! pic.twitter.com/la1IQb2qQ1

— Joe Tegtmeyer 🚀 🌔🪐🇺🇦 (@JoeTegtmeyer) April 6, 2022

In front of the Semi, there are two much-anticipated Cybertrucks, appropriately enough. Although they’re hidden, their shape makes them hard to conceal. Other images from the factory also show an uncovered Cybertruck in its signature bare stainless steel, stopped in front of construction workers and holding behind what I presume is a Tesla Semi, since it appears to be running indoors.

There also appears to be a Tesla Roadster among the covered cars, which is notable mostly for how tiny it looks compared to the rest of Tesla’s lineup, even the Model S in front of it.

The Texas Gigafactory launch party looks like a great opportunity for Tesla to give us an update on both the Cybertruck and Roadster models. Perhaps the covered cars are closer to production than the original show cars and maybe Tesla will even share when these two will finally enter production. A lot of ifs and maybes, but this is Tesla we’re talking about.

There are some Model Ys as well and what appears to be a Model X covered by an underwater-themed cover. Just what that means is hard to say but we do know that there is an odd fascination with driving electric vehicles underwater that could make for a fun stunt.

The Model Ys may not, at first blush, appear to be the most exciting vehicles hidden in this picture but they may turn out to be after all. Electrek reports that the version being built at this new factory will feature the automaker’s new 4680 battery cell and pack design, which may help it gain improvements over the existing model.

These photos, along with some teasers Musk has published, suggest that this is shaping up to be a big night for the brand.

Preparing … pic.twitter.com/Rb21R1ZDhN

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 7, 2022

Lead image Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter


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