What Car On Sale Today Will Be A Collectable In 20 Years?

There is some fun to be had thinking about what future generations will look back on with rose-colored spectacles. Today, we’re asking what car will be collectible in 20 years when – if manufacturers and governments are to be believed – the majority of new cars on sale will be powered by electricity.

That could lead the collectors of the future to look back on the last gasp of internal combustion with fondness. High-performance muscle cars like the Dodge Hellcats or the Ford Mustang GT500 could therefore be sought after. But internal combustion is interesting for more reasons than simple power.

As it stands, electric vehicles still aren’t truly cheap. Although advances in battery technology and increasing production may bring the cost of EVs down, automakers seem to be pushing the idea of a subscription service pretty hard. If all that autonomous research pays off, it may put bargain-basement cheap cars at risk, so the collectors of the future may look back on the Chevrolet Spark (which is just barely still on sale) or the Dacia Sandero (for the European readers out there) could appeal to future collectors’ sense of nostalgia for simpler times, as the old folks say .

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Collector cars tend to be rarer or more expensive than that, though. Early innovators in the field of electric mobility will no doubt offer some interest to the collectors of the future as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tesla Model S (in particular the Plaid) has a hold on enthusiasts in 20 years. The Rivian R1T may also be an interesting truck then as, no doubt, will the Rimac Nevera.

What do you think, though? What will fascinate collectors in the year 2042?

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