This Electric Truck Comes From A Chinese Company That Makes Cranes And Excavators

Yet another company with no prior experience in the passenger vehicle industry is throwing its hat into the EV race. That firm is Sany Group, a Chinese company best known for making commercial vehicles such as cranes, trucks, and excavators, and these leaked images preview its forthcoming electric pickup.

Images uncovered by Car News China show the pickup in full while also revealing that its patents have been registered under a company dubbed Hunan Xingbida Network Technology, owned by Sany Group.

The electric pickup truck certainly makes quite a bold statement. Up front, we can see an illuminated Sany logo as well as a pair of LED daytime running lights that run vertically down the front fascia. The truck also features additional LED lights positioned horizontally near the base of the front bumper and there even appear to be small lights above the windshield.

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When viewed from the side, it’s obvious that Sany’s pickup has quite a rugged appearance thanks to prominent side steps, unpainted front and rear quarter panels, and black wheels clad in off-road tires. Located at the rear of the truck is an LED light bar above the window, an LED light bar running across the tailgate, and LED taillights. The truck also features additional lights towards the base of the bumper. No images of the truck’s interior have surfaced.

Car News China reports that Sany currently works with battery manufacturer CATL on other projects so it’s possible the pickup will feature CATL batteries.

While you may not have heard of Sany Heavy Industry Co, the company certainly has the capital to make an electric truck like this a reality. The company was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Beijing. As of May 2021, it had a touch over 24,000 employees and a market cap of $41.2 billion.

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