The Audi A6 e-tron Avant Could Become The Best-Looking EVs In The Market

In mid-March, Audi unveiled the stunning A6 e-tron Concept and A6 e-tron Avant Concept and, as this walkaround video from Autotrader from shows, the latter could be one of the best-looking EVs in the market.

Audi has confirmed that the A6 e-tron Avant Concept will spawn a production model to hit the market in 2024. It could serve as the perfect all-electric alternative to the iconic RS6 Avant and would provide a welcome relief from all of the SUVs and sedans that have started to dominate the electric vehicle market.

The front of the concept immediately catches the eye thanks to a pair of striking headlights and Audi’s signature single-frame grille. Importantly, this grille is completely smooth, and rather than having vents to provide a combustion engine with cooling, it instead has dozens of pronounced dimples and an illuminated Audi badge.

For as gorgeous as the front end of the Audi A6 e-tron Avant Concept is, it’s the sides and rear that get us most excited. Gone are traditional wing mirrors and sitting in their place are slim rear-facing cameras. In addition, the dazzling concept sports flowing body lines and creases running along the doors while a set of 22-inch wheels with silver and black spokes made a particularly bold statement. The lack of door handles adds to the sleek design.

The rear is simply stunning. There is a full-width lightbar made up of dozens of individual OLEDs as well as a gorgeous spoiler neatly incorporated into the glass roof and rear window. A dramatic diffuser is also featured and finished in a slightly lighter shade of grey than the rest of the concept.

Underpinning both of the A6 e-tron Concepts is the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) that Audi has developed with Porsche. This platform has been designed for both regular passenger cars and SUVs and will be first used in the Q6 e-tron, set to launch in 2023.


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