Smart #1 Available For Reservation In China, Prices Start From $29,000

Shortly after the debut of the Smart #1 fully electric SUV, the model became available to order in China revealing its pricing for the first time. Getting straight to the point, the pre-sale prices for the Smart #1 are ¥190,000 ($28,970) and ¥230,000 ($35,070), which sounds very close to our initial expectations judging by the vehicle’s segment and market positioning.

In China, the Smart #1 is available in two trims – Pro+ and Premium. Both come with a rear-mounted electric motor producing 264 hp (200 kW / 272 PS) and 343 Nm (252 lb-ft) of torque, and a 66 kWh battery. The difference is that the Premium trim features silicon carbide technology (SiC) on the electric motor, allowing a greater CLTC range of 560 km (348 miles) compared to the 535 km (332 miles) of the Pro+. Naturally, numbers are lower under the WLTP protocol with 440 km (273 miles) for the Premium and 420 km (261 miles) for the Pro+.

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The small increase in the available range doesn’t sound enough to justify the extra ¥40,000 ($6,101) of the Premium over the Pro+, since both trims come with generous standard equipment. The interior combines a 12.8-inch infotainment touchscreen, a 9.2-inch digital instrument cluster, and a heads-up display. There is also a 150 kW DC fast-charging capability, and the smart Pilot ADAS suite which offers Level 2 autonomy.

According to Car News China, the Chinese-spec Smart #1 gets an extra 精灵 emblem in the tailgate which translates to elf. We can also see a “styled by Mercedes-Benz” badge on the B-pillar, proudly showcasing that despite being based on Geely’s SEA platform, the design of the #1 was completed in Mercedes’s own design studio.

Smart 1 China 2

Local media suggest that detailed pricing will be announced in June, while interested parties can already make reservations for ¥500 ($76) using a smartphone application. The first deliveries of the Smart #1 in China are expected in the third quarter of the year, after production starts in Geely’s new factory in Xian. Smart will soon open new dealerships in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou.

Following the launch in China, the #1 will roll out in Europe and other Asian markets; a US launch is not in the company’s plans. In the future, Smart’s range is set to expand with a performance variant of the #1 fitted with dual motors, a brand new coupe-style vehicle that could bear the #2 name, and other models.


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