Modified Super73 E-Bike Wants To Replace Your Golf Cart

The electric golf cart first took to the links in 1932, making it older than the chocolate chip cookie. In that time, though, few have dared innovate the concept to the same extent as Super73, which just unveiled a two-wheeled golf cart.

The company‘s Special Projects team, known as HALO, decided to partner with Topgolf to create something that they hoped would be eye-catching, fun, and functional. Based on the SUPER73-S2 platform, it subverts the golf cart genre by doing more than just dropping two wheels and several seats.

That’s because its custom-fabricated golf bag carrier, which bolts to the frame, can be removed to allow the owner of this innovative means of transportation to use it both on the fairway and on their merry way to work.

2022 SUPER73 x Topgolf ebike 9 1

The golf-related modifications extend beyond the golf bag holder, too. The e-bike is also equipped with an ice cooler to keep you hydrated under the sun. It’s also designed to fit onto the opposite side of the bike to offset the weight of the golf bag when it’s full of beverages. Attached to the removable battery pack, meanwhile, is a Speaqua Speaker that looks like a golf ball.

The battery’s casing, as well as the frame and the chain guard, were all painted a golf-appropriate green. The wheels, the triple crown, and the chainring, meanwhile, were powder coated a bright green to contrast the white graphics, which include the Topgolf and Super73 logos.

The seat comes from Saddlemen and is also green and white. It is designed in the “breadloaf” style and rounds out the look along with the Vee Speedster Whitewall Tires and the Super73 McFly handlebars.

“This was an exciting build for everybody at SUPER73,” said LeGrand Crewse, SUPER73 CEO. “Topgolf’s spin on golf and its efforts to make the sport more approachable aligns perfectly with our stated goal to make two-wheeled transportation as fun and accessible as possible. We’re ecstatic to see the project come to life.”


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2022 SUPER73 x Topgolf ebike 9
2022 SUPER73 x Topgolf ebike 2
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