Magna Launches EtelligentForce Electric Powertrain For ICE Pickups And Trucks

Magna International has launched a battery-electric powertrain system that can be easily installed into existing combustion-powered pickup trucks.

The system is dubbed EtelligentForce and uses Magna’s eBeam electric axle drive system that can replace the traditional beam axles used by pickups. Importantly, the system can be installed without the need for the standard suspension and braking systems to be overhauled.

Magna unveiled the system with a GMC Sierra 2500HD that it had converted to all-electric in Canada recently. According to Magna chief executive Swamy Kotagiri, the company is now pitching automakers on the system, promising a cheaper alternative for new platforms and architectures currently being developed for a host of forthcoming electric trucks.

The automotive supplier believes its electric powertrain can resonate with customers wanting to catch up to the industry’s electrification push. While companies such as Ford and General Motors are developing electric trucks from the ground up, Kotagiri noted that many other manufacturers haven’t done so yet and that Magna’s powertrain could be the ideal solution.

While describing the system to Auto News, Kotagiri said Magna’s pitch to customers is as follows: “Here’s the truck you had. We can make it electrified and it does exactly the same without changing your manufacturing footprint. Bringing that value differentiates you from everyone else.”

Magna’s EtelligentForce system is also very flexible. In fact, if an automaker has already created a new EV platform, it can still use Magna’s powertrain.

The system can be specified to feature a front electric drive unit with up to 228 hp (170 kW) and 3,770 Nm (2,780 lb-ft) of torque and a rear electric drive unit producing up to 335 hp (250 kW) and 10,000 Nm (7,375 lb-ft).


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