Elon Musk’s Tesla Master Plan 3 Will Include Scaling Carmaker To “Extreme Size”

Elon Musk is working on his third ‘Master Plan’ for Tesla and has offered a hint as to what it will consist of.

Musk released the first Tesla Master Plan in 2006, outlining his plan for the electric automaker. The aim was to build a sports car, use the money from it to fund an affordable car, and then use that money to fund an even more affordable car.

‘Master Plan, Part Deux’ was released in 2016 and led to the creation of Powerwall and SolarCity becoming part of Tesla. It also included plans to scale up production, make Autopilot ten times safer than the average driver, and launch fleets of robotaxis. While not everything has been achieved, namely those Autopilot and robotaxi goals, Musk is shifting his focus to the next Master Plan.


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