Electrify Canada Offers Lucid Air Buyers Unlimited Fast Charging For Two Years

Electrify Canada is teaming up with Lucid Motors to offer two years of unlimited fast charging for those who reserve their vehicle early. Electrify America will also offer a similar promotion to Lucid buyers, but with an unlimited charging period of three years.

In order to qualify for the promotion, customers must reserve their Lucid Air by June 30, 2022, and enroll in a charging plan with either Electrify Canada or Electrify America. The reservation costs $300 USD, or $400 CAD, and the base model Air is priced at $77,400 USD, or $105,000 CAD.

Electrify Canada’s charging network currently has 30 stations, comprised of 120 individual chargers, across the country. The company plans to expand to over 100 stations and 500 individual chargers by 2026. The Electrify America network features over 800 EV charging stations and 3,500 individual fast chargers, and hopes to more than double that number in the same time frame.

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According to Electrify Canada, the Lucid Air will be able to add 350 km (217 miles) to its range in just 15 minutes using a 350kWh fast charger.

The Air is the first production vehicle from Lucid. So far, the automaker has been able to showcase a vehicle that not only can achieve longer ranges but better performance and build quality as well.

Utilizing a single electric motor, the entry-level Lucid Air produces up to 480 horsepower to the rear wheels and has a projected range of 406 miles (653 km). The sold-out, top-of-the-range Lucid Air Dream features dual motors and 1,111 horsepower in Performance trim, while in 933 hp Range trim the projected maximum distance until empty is 516 miles (836 km).


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