DeLorean Alpha5 Is A Low-Slung Electric GT With Gullwing Doors

The all-new model from DeLorean Motor Company was set for a digital launch on May 31 following several teasers, but the automaker released the first pictures and information earlier than expected through the official website, for anyone signing up for news and updates. The DeLorean Alpha5, penned by Italdesign just like its predecessor, is a low-slung four-seater grand tourer with massive gullwing doors and a fully electric powertrain.

Staying Clear Of Retro Design References, Keeping The Gullwing Doors

The return of the DeLorean nameplate has fewer design references to the iconic DMC-12 than we would initially expect. The aerodynamic body (0.23 cd) is a lot more curvaceous than the boxy shapes of the original, while the characteristic windowline is replaced by a more modern greenhouse. Still, the Alpha5 honors tradition with gullwing doors that take up most of the profile, large-diameter multispoke wheels, a straight character line going all around the bodywork, and a vented rear windscreen cover.


At the front, the thin LED headlights merge with the grille which bears the DeLorean emblem, instead of the usual DMC badge of the old car. There is an illuminated V-shaped element on both bumpers, with a prominent splitter upfront and a large diffuser at the back.

The tail has full-width taillights with three horizontal lines, working as a loose representation of the pattern on the DMC-12 taillights. Speaking of LEDs, the gullwing doors have illuminated patches at the front and at the back, making them more visible when opened.

The DeLorean Alpha5 has a rather large footprint, measuring 4,995 mm (196.7 inches) long, 2,044 mm (80.5 inches) wide, and just 1,370 mm (53.9 inches) tall. This makes it slightly longer, wider, and shorter than a Porsche Taycan.

A Grand Tourer With A Four-Seater Cabin

2023 DeLorean Alpha5 13 1

The sheer size of the gullwing doors allows easier access to the cabin which has four individual seats. The dashboard is characterized by simple lines with a digital instrument cluster being the focus point behind the modern-styled flat-bottom steering wheel.

There is a second, smaller touchscreen screen for the infotainment on the high-mounted floating center console and what appears to be a set of physical controls for the air conditioning behind it, next to a wireless charging tray. We can also see two cupholders and more storage compartments for the front passengers.

EV Powertrain With 300-Mile Range


DeLorean hasn’t given us a detailed presentation of the platform but announced some estimated spec figures for the “Base Performance Model”. A large 100 kWh battery is good for more than 300 miles (483 km) of range and while we don’t know the output of the electric motors, the Alpha5 will accelerate from 0-96 km/h (0-60 mph) in 2.99 seconds, and from 0-142 km/h (0-88 mph) in 4.35 seconds. The top speed will be 250 km/h (155 mph).

According to Joos de Vries, Chief Executive Officer of Delorean Motor Company, “The Alpha5 is for people that love to drive”. Neilo Harris, Vice President of the brand, added: “We have been given the opportunity to reimagine a brand that has meant to much to so many people from all corners of the globe for four decades. DeLorean has touched so many lives and set the stage for so many memories… We are all now witnessing a new chapter of this amazing story”.

We will learn more about the DeLorean Alpha5 on the digital launch tomorrow and at the official premiere that is scheduled for August 18 at the Pebble Beach Concours d ‘Elegance. While the DeLorean Motor Company is headquartered in the US, production of the Alpha5 will be outsourced in Italy with the powertrain coming from a UK partner. The Alpha5 will initially be offered in just 88 units, referencing the speed of the time-travel DMC-12 in the Back To The Future movies. Mind you, it won’t be the automaker’s only model, since they are already working on a V8-powered coupe, an EV sedan, and a hydrogen-powered SUV.



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