Chevrolet Offers Huge Discounts Of Up To $6,300 On Bolt Family Of EVs

This year’s news about automobile pricing has largely been negative due to inflation, parts shortages, and dealer markups. Today, however, we’re excited to share some good news: Chevrolet is offering some incredible discounts on the Bolt family of electric vehicles.

Chevrolet has increased the total sales incentive for the Bolt EUV by 1,160 percent beginning June 8th, as first reported by CarsDirect. Prior to that date, incentives for the Bolt and Bolt EUV were set at $500, but those figures have since risen significantly.

The standard Bolt’s sales incentive has been increased to $5,900. That brings the total cost of a base Bolt EV, including destination and handling, to just $26,595. With an EPA-estimated 259-mile (417 km) range, above-average technology, and everyday practicality, it was already a well-rounded vehicle for the money. For example, the Bolt can be outfitted with SuperCruise, which is impressive.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Bolt EUV has a higher incentive of $6,300, which accounts for the 1,160 percent increase. The larger and more spacious Bolt starts at $34,495 with the incentive, so the net price is $28,195. Keep in mind that this does not include any state tax breaks that may be available depending on where you live, and that these incentives are reportedly only available for purchasing the car, not leasing.

It also ignores the fact that some Chevrolet sales incentives are stackable, which means that buyers can increase their savings if they qualify for another incentive. Chevrolet provides a $3,000 bonus for purchasing an EV with DC fast charging, which the Bolt has. It also provides a $3,750 loyalty discount to customers who already lease a Bolt.

CarsDirect also reports that Chevrolet is offering a $12,900 sales incentive on 2021 model Bolts if you can find one. These figures are far from insignificant in today’s market. No, neither the Bolt nor the Bolt EUV will set anyone’s hair on fire with their performance, but at these prices, it’s easy to overlook their flaws.

Chevrolet Bolt EV


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