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You Can Already Pre-Order And Configure The 2023 BMW i7, Show Us What You’d Do

BMW unveiled the first-ever all-electric variant of the 7-Series today, the 2023 BMW i7. The good news for customers is that the car is already available for pre-order from BMW USA.

With prices starting at $119,300 for the BMW i7 xDrive60, customers are welcome to put down a $1,500, fully refundable deposit on the upcoming luxury EV. Although official details haven’t yet been certified by the EPA, BMW expects the car to be capable of going 300 miles (483 km) on a charge and to recover 80 miles (129 km) of range in 10 minutes of DC fast charging.

The electric limo is powered by two motors that combine to make 536 hp (544 PS/405 kW), and 549 lb-ft (744 Nm) of torque. That’s enough to hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 4.5 seconds. You will, however, have to wait until early next year to find out what that feels like for yourself, as that’s when BMW USA expects deliveries to begin.

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If you’re curious about what you’ll be able to do with your car, you can play around with BMW Germany’s configurator to see exactly what the automaker has planned for its home market.

There you can play around with the Design Pure Excellence, the M Sportpaket, and the M Sportpaket Pro trims to find out exactly what customization options are available for the i7 xDrive60 there, where the model starts at €138,310 ($150,017 USD at current exchange rates).

As you’d expect for such a luxurious model there are numerous avenues of personalization open to you, with several exterior paint finishes, upholstery colors and materials, as well no shortage of trim substances to play around with and combine.

With the M Sportpaket and a €12,000 ($13,021 USD) two-tone paint job, as well as a Merino Wool upholstery, I was able to get the i7 up to €189,770 ($205,928 USD).

So, go ahead, do your worst / best and share your builds with us in the comments below.

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