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Why Does This 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X Have Mismatched Stickers?

Picture this. You take delivery of a brand new pickup truck. Not just any pickup either, a fully-loaded 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X. However, after collecting the keys, you notice something strange. That’s exactly what the friend of CarScoops reader Nicholas Scherr encountered.

Scherr recently sent us photos of a freshly-delivered Frontier Pro-4X with a peculiar oddity. On the passenger-side rear quarter panel, the pickup truck has a large ‘Pro-4X’ sticker, just as it should. But, on the other side, the Nissan sports a ‘Pro-X’ sticker.

While most will know that the Pro-4X tops out the Frontier range, some may be surprised to learn that Nissan also sells a Pro-X variant of the truck. This variant sports many of the same off-road-focused upgrades as the Pro-4X but it is sold exclusively with rear-wheel drive, not four-wheel drive. Somehow, someone at Nissan’s Canton factory where the Frontier is built inadvertently applied a Pro-X decal to the truck and it appears that no one noticed.

Fortunately, this is simply a sticker so it should be very easy to fix. But, of course, something like this shouldn’t happen, especially when it comes to a company like Nissan and on a vehicle as well known and popular as the Frontier.

Scherr told us that it wasn’t just the Nissan factory that missed the error but that the dealership also failed to notice it.


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