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When A Tuned BMW M4 Drag Races A Dodge Challenger Hellcat Somebody Gets Their Feelings Hurt

Drag racing has long been the measure of a sports car but the Dodge Challenger Hellcat changed the game. It’s still one of the top ten fastest ways to go the quarter mile in a production car while also being one of the least expensive in that group. In this drag race though, an extensively modified BMW M4 dares to take on the monster muscle car and one dominates multiple rounds.

This Dodge Challenger Hellcat made 707-horsepower (516-kW) when it was brand new and it’s likely still pushing close to that many ponies. Of course, that power is measured at the crank, and the car it’s taking on uses a different formula to figure total output.

The rivaling F82 M4 is built to the hilt to destroy its competition. Instead of stock turbos, it’s using a set from Pure, methanol injection, and a tune to get to 650 wheel-horsepower, which is a big bump on the Hellcat. It’s a fast enough car that it’s easily taken its anger out on other cars like the Nissan GT-R as seen in the Instagram clip below. The BMW is also around 1,000-pounds (453kg) lighter compared to the Dodge.

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So it might not be a shock that the Hellcat gets absolutely smoked by the two-door BMW from a standstill. It actually looks like a pretty close race at the very start of the video shot by Sam CarLegion on YouTube. Of course, just a couple of gear changes into the race, the BMW is so far ahead that it leaves the frame of the in-car Hellcat camera.

That result gets repeated over and over again including when the two cars line up for a roll race where tire slip isn’t a factor. Of course, at the end of the day, we’re comparing a Dodge Hellcat that anybody can go buy from a dealership against a super-tuned BMW that voided whatever warranty it might have had left quite some time ago. Which would you prefer to live with?


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