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Water Way To Go! New Ford Bronco Submerged By Maine High Tide For Two Nights

Pick the right options when ordering a new Bronco and you can give Ford’s retro SUV superhero-grade off-road powers. But pick the wrong place to play, like the driver of this Bronco in Maine, did, and you’ll get a swift and painful reminder that mother nature is always more powerful.

These images come from Bar Harbor in Maine, where a new Ford Bronco has spent the past two days stuck in the sand, and much of that time underwater. The four-door Bronco, which apparently has New Jersey plates, was trapped by Bar Harbor’s rapidly rising tide late Saturday afternoon and attempts to free it on Saturday night and Sunday both failed.

Unconfirmed local reports say the out-of-state driver ignored warning signs about driving cars on the bar too near to high tide and was performing donuts on the sand before they got stuck.

Attempts to pull the Bronco out on Saturday night before the tide came in failed, meaning it had to endure a night fully submerged until rescue teams returned at low tide the next morning. But the Bronco’s transmission and/or brakes are locked tight, and efforts to yank the SUV free ended with a snapped 3-in tow rope and the Ford still firmly stuck, with the tide coming in again.

The crew returned on Sunday evening, and was able to drag the Bronco about 100 ft (30 m) but was again forced to give up with the tide making its way towards the shore. According to WDEA, the new plan is for a diver to return with airbags on Monday morning at low tide (06.29), so that the car can then be floated to the shore at high tide, which is 12.39.

Exactly how much damage has been done to the Bronco remains to be seen, but the owner certainly isn’t going to be driving it back to New Jersey. Apart from shouldering some rescue costs, and battling with his insurer to see if it will even cover the damage, some commenters on the Bronco6g forum have pointed to pictures showing what appears to be oil or gasoline leakages around the Bronco and speculated that he might face environmental solution fines.

This isn’t the first time the temptation to perform a load of donuts where you definitely shouldn’t have landed a Bronco driver in a heap of trouble. In February we reported that a driver was taken into custody after ripping up the ground at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres.


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