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Watch An Abandoned Dodge Viper RT/10 Being Resurrected From Oblivion

Cars get abandoned every year but it hurts our heart most when those cars are among some of the greats. In this story, a Dodge Viper RT/10 gets a second chance at life thanks to a diligent and skillful automotive detailer. Here’s a closer look at what it took to bring it back to life after it’s sat outside for more than two years.

This Viper looks rough when the video begins. The clear coat is in shambles, the tires are rotten, and to say that the windows are inoperable is charitable. Not only do the zippable side windows leak, but the rear one is nowhere to be found. That means that all sorts of debris has found its way into the cabin.

A light spray down of the body, the engine bay, and the lights is the first order of business. Next, up, the headlights get a polish and it’s hard to overstate just how much of a difference it makes all on its own. Then, they polish all the parts of the car that still have a remaining clear coat on them.

That includes the gigantic hood, the front bumper, and the front fenders. Most of the rear and even large sections of the doors will have to wait for paint before they’ll match. The detailers remove the seats next to vacuum all of the dead foliage out of the Viper.

With that finished, the carpets come out and the interior detailing begins. It starts with pressure washing the carpets before they’re vacuumed and drip-dried. The interior surfaces are cleaned using a steamer and all-purpose cleaning solution. Much like the exterior, a thorough cleaning makes a huge difference in presentation.

The owner is deeply moved and says that “it doesn’t even look like the same car.” Excitement and tears of joy ensue. At the same time, it’s a great visual tutorial on how a car in a (very) sorry state come look great again thanks to expert detailers.


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