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Watch A $22 Million McLaren F1 Get Dry Ice Blasted

With McLaren F1 prices continuing to soar and showing no signs of abating, the owner of a particularly gorgeous example recently had the car extensively detailed on a new episode from Hagerty.

Grand Prix Concours detailer Tim McNair uses a process called dry ice blasting to remove dirt from the underside of the supercar. This system uses tiny CO2 pellets and fires them under pressure onto areas of dirt. McNair describes the process as “non-invasive” and says it works well for delicate areas of a car.

Most of this video shows McNair cleaning one of the wheel wells of the McLaren using the dry ice blaster. He then uses the same process to clean the brake rotor and brake disc before going in with some towels and other tools to carefully clean up all of the other parts. Once the front left wheel well was nice and clean, he started to work on the right rear wheel and repeated the same process.

The expert detailer then moves into the cabin of the F1. He notes that it is important to not spray cleaners directly onto switches, buttons, and dials and is instead best to spray a microfiber towel and then use that for cleaning. To help with getting into some of the tighter areas, McNair uses a brush.

This particular McLaren F1 appears to be chassis #014 and is one of the rare examples with the high-downforce kit that includes a large rear wing and a more prominent front splitter. It was listed up for sale by RM Sotheby’s back in 2018 with a $22 million asking price but it is unclear if it actually traded hands for such a staggering sum.


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