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VW’s Supervisory Board Wants More Ambitious Software Plans

The Volkswagen Group’s supervisory board wants the company to establish more ambitious plans for its software division.

Individuals with knowledge of the matter suggest that VW management’s plans for the carmaker’s Cariad software vision have not been enough and that the supervisory board is expecting to receive an update before the summer break.

Volkswagen says its ambitions for Cariad are central to its push towards autonomous vehicles and describes it as “the most ambitious project of our entire industry to tap into the most relevant profit pools of the future.”

Cariad has been established as an independent automotive software company in the Volkswagen Group. VW says the company is developing leading technology for the automotive industry and currently employs around 5,000 engineers and developers.

They are currently working to build a uniform platform and technology platform for all Volkswagen Group brands, including a unified operating system, a unified E/E architecture, and an automotive cloud. Cariad is also developing digital functions for vehicles that include ADAS, highly automated driving functions, a standardized infotainment platform, software functions for linking powertrains, and chassis and charging technology.

Auto News reports that problems at Cariad have caused delays to product launches from the car manufacturer. VW boss Herbert Diess is responsible for the unit on the group’s management board.

While Cariad has largely focused on developing systems for the VW Group’s MEB-based vehicles, the company is also working on the software and technology platform for the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture to be used by various Audi and Porsche models.



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