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VinFast VF 8 And VF 9 EVs Priced From CA$50,850 In Canada And €43,050 In Europe

VinFast is continuing its worldwide expansion and has just announced VF 8 and VF 9 pricing for Canada alongside key European markets.

Starting with the Great White North, VinFast will commence deliveries of the two electric SUVs in the second half of 2022, offering both the VF 8 and VF 9 in Eco and Plus configurations.

Kicking off the range is the VF 8 Eco available with a choice between a battery offering 420 km (261 miles) of range and a battery with 471 km (293 miles) of range. The VF 8 Eco can hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.9 seconds and starts at CA$50,850 ($39,133) for the smaller battery and CA$51,250 ($39,441) for the larger battery.

Those with a little more to spend can opt for the VF 8 Plus, also offered with two battery options good for 400 km (248 miles) and 447 km (278 miles) respectively, and capable of hitting 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. VF 8 Plus prices start at CA$59,350 ($45,675) and top out at CA$59,750 ($45,982).

As for the VinFast VF 9, it too is offered in Eco and Plus guises with two battery options. The first of these provides 438 km (272 miles) of range in the Eco and 423 km (263 miles) of range in the Plus while the larger battery is rated at 594 km (369 miles) and 580 km (360 miles) respectively. Both Eco and Plus models with the base battery hit 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds while that time drops to 6.5 seconds for the larger battery. Prices sit at CA$69,150 ($53,217) for the VF 9 Eco and CA$75,650 ($58,219) for the VF 9 Plus with the smaller battery and increase to CA$69,750 ($53,678) and CA$76,250 ($58,681) for the larger battery.

VinFast will also offer customers battery subscription fans that start at CA$139 ($107) per month through a fixed plan for the VF 8 and with unlimited kilometers. A flexible plan of CA$39 ($30) per month is also available for vehicles that won’t be driven more than 500 km (310 miles). Subscriptions for the VF 9 start at CA$199 ($153) for the fixed plan and CA$59 ($45) for the flexible plan.

European Prices

vinfast vf 8 and vf 9 evs priced from ca50850 in canada and euro43050 in europe 8e283dd

Over in Europe, prices have been confirmed for France, Germany, and the Netherlands where the VF 8 and VF 9 will also be sold in Eco and Plus guises and with the choice between an 82 kWh battery and an 87.7 kWh battery. In France, prices for the VF 8 Eco with the base battery start at €43,050 ($45,269) and increase by €300 ($315) for the larger battery. Prices for the VF 8 Plus jump to €50,900 ($53,523) and €51,200 ($53,839) for the different batteries while pricing for the VF 9 starts at €58,700 ($61,725) and tops out at €64,100 ($67,404).

Battery subscription plans have also been announced for Europe. The fixed package provides unlimited mileage and has a monthly subscription fee of €120 ($126) for the VF 8 and €150 ($158) for the VF 9. Pricing details for the flexible plan have not yet been announced. VinFast will cover all maintenance and repair costs through the subscription plan and replace the battery for free when capacity drops below 70 per cent. All models sold in Europe until the end of 2023 will need to be purchased alongside a subscription plan.

vinfast vf 8 and vf 9 evs priced from ca50850 in canada and euro43050 in europe 0cb702d

“VinFast aims to attract a wide range of customers with high-quality products, pioneering technology and outstanding sales policies, meeting the different needs and financial preferences of customers,” VinFast deputy chief executive of Global Sales and Marketing, Emmanuel Bret said in a statement. “Our battery subscription program is designed to give customers absolute peace of mind, making premium EV ownership experience more complete, thereby contributing to drive the movement of global EV revolution and to co-create a more sustainable future for all.”

VinFast has also announced that the VF 8 and VF 9 will be available with a €7,250 ($7,623) VinFast Smart Driving package, also available for €150 ($158) per month. This package adds collision mitigation, highway driving assist, lane-change assist, advanced parking assist with remote parking and vehicle summon, voice assistant, 360-degree surround monitoring, and more.

vinfast vf 8 and vf 9 evs priced from ca50850 in canada and euro43050 in europe 8421787


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