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TVR Griffith With Fully Electric Powertrain Confirmed For 2024

The reborn TVR Griffith, first announced in 2017, has yet to see the light of day with the first deliveries scheduled for late 2023 following several delays. While sticking to that goal, TVR has confirmed a fully electric version of the sportscar for 2024. The British automaker also announced its sponsorship for the Formula E championship, highlighting its electrified future.

The Griffith EV will be offered alongside the ICE-powered variant which is fitted with a Ford-sourced V8 producing 500 hp. While TVR didn’t reveal the specifications of the electric powertrain, we guess it will be more powerful and quicker compared to its gasoline-consuming twin, despite the extra weight from the batteries.

The Gordon Murray-designed model will also go through some changes in terms of chassis tune to support the new powertrain type and different weight balance. On the other hand, design changes could be limited, with smaller intakes and the absence of the side exhaust pipes.

The Griffith will be the first but not the only fully electric TVR as hinted at by its chairman, Les Edgar, who wants to bring more EVs into the market. In November 2021, TVR announced a new joint venture with the lithium-mining firm Ensorcia Metals Corporation which is based in South America. This deal will allow enough battery supply for future EVs bearing the TVR emblem.

As for its involvement with Formula E, TVR will be the sponsor of the Monaco e-Prix (April 30) and the London e-Prix (July 30, 31). The partnership with Formula E marks a “turning point” in TVR’s strategy as it accelerates the electrification plans moving toward the goal of becoming a “sustainable, net-zero business”.


It is not clear when TVR is going to announce its electrification strategy, but the following comments by Matt Scammell, Formula E’s chief commercial officer, make a pretty good case for it:  “TVR is a beloved brand and we look forward to working alongside them in Monaco and London to showcase their plans to electrify”.

The new TVR factory in Cardiff, UK, is still under construction with Autocar reporting it still needs 18 months of work. However, production of the Griffith is scheduled to start beforehand in order to meet the rescheduled deadlines.



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