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Toyota Innova EV Concept Debuts In Indonesia As An Electric Minivan

The 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show opened its doors in Jakarta, hosting the premiere of the Toyota Kijang Innova EV Concept. The model is based on the Kijang Innova MPV with a fully electric conversion performed locally by Toyota Astra Motor.

Unlike the large number of fancy EV concepts from last year previewing the future of Toyota, this is actually based on an existing model that has been around for some time. The second generation of the Toyota Innova debuted back in 2015 as a rather conventional ICE-powered MPV with three rows of seats.

Toyota Astra Motor took a standard Innova, stripped off the powertrain, and retrofitted an electric motor and a battery. Unfortunately, the company didn’t reveal any specifications in terms of power output or range. However, a snapshot from the video reveals a 134 km (83 miles) remaining range with the battery at 67 percent. Doing the math leaves us with around 210 km (130 miles) of driving range with a fully charged battery.

Styling-wise, the Innova EV can be easily distinguished from a regular Innova thanks to a number of modifications. These include a covered grille, blue accents on the headlights, gray-finished alloy wheels, blue stickers on the profile, and a number of EV badges.

Inside, the concept gets bespoke upholstery with Innova EV badges and a custom instrument cluster that surprisingly retains the tachometer. We guess the rpm reading will stay locked in zero, constantly reminding the driver there is no combustion engine under the bonnet. Thankfully there is a battery energy level reading on the tiny infotainment screen so you know when to look for a charger.

Henry Tanoto, Toyota Astra Motor vice president said: “The purpose of introducing the Kijang Innova EV Concept is to study and increase the popularity of EVs in the community”. According to Autonetmagz, the concept is street-legal and fully driveable, although not destined for production at least at this point.


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