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This Ferrari 458 Replica Is The Nicest FWD Ford Cougar We’ve Ever Seen

The world is full of thousands of kit cars and replicas that honor their original muses to one degree of success or another. More often than not, though, there are glaring issues that give away the less than genuine nature of these cars. This Ferrari 458 replica pushes hard towards the other side of the coin though and according to the seller actually has some genuine Prancing Horse parts too.

Available on eBay, this replica is built on top of a Ford (Mercury here in the States) Cougar platform and still has the original 2.5-liter 24-valve V6 under the front hood. While the seller doesn’t list a power rating, Ford rated the Cougar at 170 ponies (126 kW).

It might have more since the seller mentions that the car has a “full custom exhaust.” They also say that the “engine has been tuned to provide a max output for this engine, with the custom exhaust, it really sounds like the real thing” – and that’s where the ridiculous claims begin.

They also mention that it’s “indistinguishable from the genuine article“. Interestingly enough, they didn’t post a side-shot of the car which is where the Cougar wheelbase is likely to very clearly give away the plot. They also say that it can generate revenue for “u” since it has been rented out for weddings and other events in the past.

Moreover, they claim that the car features lots of real Ferrari parts including the seats, the steering wheel, and more. While from the images that indeed seems to be the case, there are also some hilariously fake items we can spot. For one, the calipers and brake discs don’t appear to be real – in fact, the fake rotors aren’t even drilled all the way through! Oh, and did we mention the “dummy engine in the back” or the fact that they want $45,901 or £34,950.00 for this replica?

“Be prepared to be photographed and approached by the public,” says the listing. To that, we must remind anyone interested in the car that you must also be prepared to disappoint every one of those people and endure the odd moments after they learn about what this car really is.


Ford Cougar Ferrari 458 Replica 2
Ford Cougar Ferrari 458 Replica 7
Ford Cougar Ferrari 458 Replica 3
Ford Cougar Ferrari 458 Replica 5


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