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This $425k Freightliner Coronado Haulmark Conversion Includes A Motorhome And A Garage

When petrolheads buy a new house, they usually make sure it has the right space for their beloved vehicle. Hardcore enthusiasts who still want a garage while living the motorhome dream will definitely appreciate this Freightliner Coronado Haulmark Conversion which is currently up for grabs for a cool $425,000.

The three-axle motorhome based on the Freightliner Coronado is already a massive vehicle measuring 45 ft (13.7 m) long. Thus, the garage-owning experience wouldn’t be complete without the two-storey trailer from Haulmark, adding another 36 ft (11 m) to the length and plenty of additional room.


The truck coming with a diesel engine and an 18-speed auto gearbox was bought new in 2008 but has only traveled 65,000 miles (104,607 km) since. Thus, it remains in mint condition with everything in working order. The exterior was recently wrapped in slate gray, which looks rather cool in combination with the black accents and the chrome elements. The 22-inch tires are also brand new, and the only thing we would add is a pair of LED headlights for a more modern look.

But what is more important in motorhomes of all shapes and sizes is the interior, so let’s take a quick tour and explore the amenities. Visitors will be greeted with a massive living room including plenty of couches, a dining area, wooden cupboards and a proper kitchen. There is a microwave oven, a double fridge, a sink, hot water supply, a satellite TV, and a total of three air-conditioning units.


Moving further back, we find a full-size bathroom with a standing shower, a sink, and a separate WC. That leads us to the rear master bedroom with a queen-size bed, plenty of storage spaces and another TV. Electrically operated awnings, an external TV, cooler and a grill means you can take the fun outside.

And now we move to the premises at the back, since the Haulmark 36′ trailer coming attached to the truck is a highlight. The two-storey trailer can fit two cars, if you can’t make up your mind on your preferred ride for the summer. The main area is accessed through a side door or a liftgate which has windows making it look like a car dealership. The garage is fully equipped with everything you need to work on your car, and the space is air-conditioned. Finally, there is an observation deck on the roof that is accessible through a ladder.


The listing was posted on Facebook by Nathan Cicio, owner of a vehicle shop called Cicio Performance. The team is getting a new rig soon, and this is why he wants to sell the 14-year-old Freightliner. The asking price of $425,000 sounds reasonable for the amount of vehicle offered and the great condition of the used rig. The current owner is also open to accepting offers from interested parties.



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