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This 1,200 HP 4-Rotor Mazda RX-7 FD Is A Rolling Example Of More Dollars Than Sense

Bespoke cars are all over the place but most are on either end of the customized scale. Some feature just a stick-on vent or two and others have been sponsored with a budget that would make many wealthy people blush. That’s why this incredible four-rotor RX-7 is so cool because despite being built by just one guy, it’s just as epic as anything you might see from a mainstream fabrication shop.

David Mazzei runs his own shop called Forcefedfab in San Antonio, Texas, and originally built this RX-7 for SEMA in 2019. What makes it special is that he did the whole thing on his own and says that he’s logged more than 10,000-hours of work on the project since its beginning.

Since the car was presented at SEMA the four-rotor RX-7 has seen some dramatic changes and that’s where ThatRacingChannel on YouTube caught up with it. The biggest shift was the change from an E-Gear automatic transmission to a three-pedal six-speed manual one.

If E-Gear sounds familiar it’s because Lamborghini used it in the Gallardo which is exactly what Mazzei picked it out of. The manual is also from a Gallardo and even retains the gated shifter action. The rest of this car is equally up to the need for speed.

The engine is a custom billet-plated unit with a high-volume dry-sump cast iron Duramax oil pump. Two giant Garrett turbochargers feed 25 psi into the engine through a water to air intercooler and spent exhaust gas exits through a custom stainless system that terminates just ahead of the rear tires. It’s modeled to sound as much like the legendary 787B as possible and especially at idle it’s obvious.

Those tires are 345 section-width Toyos by the way and they’re managed by a Wilwood big brake kit and a C7 Corvette suspension. Did we mention that Mazzei used the Lamborghini transmission because it allowed him to make this 1,200-horsepower coupe all-wheel-drive? He’s even put around 150 miles of street driving on it and plans to do more.

Really though, this is the exact type of insanity that we can get behind. This isn’t a hodge-podge of parts that the owner just happened to get their hands on or have laying around. No, it’s a delicately cared for and precisely constructed Cthulhu-grade monster that just wants to kill tires and scare grown men.

This might be the most shocking part, Mazzei has made sure to leave much of the core alone so that if he were ever to sell it, someone else could return it to pretty much stock if they wanted to. It’s clear that he could’ve very easily gone another route and actually hacked this thing to pieces but he respects it too much.

And don’t be sad that it isn’t a pristine FD RX-7 in factory condition now because when he found the car it was badly damaged and missing most of the front end. If you’re going to salvage a sports car this is one of the coolest ways to do it, spare no expense.

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