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The Turbos On Big, Fast Audis Could Lose Lubrication Leading To Failure

Audi is recalling more than 26,000 vehicles after it was discovered that they were made with turbocharger oil filters whose meshing is too small. As a result, the filter can become clogged.

The problem affects the 2013-2017 Audi S6, the 2013-2017 A7, the 2014-2017 RS7, as well as the 2013-2017 A8 and S8. If their turbocharger oil filters become blocked, it can lead to a lack of lubrication in the part, which causes wear on the bearings.

If the bearings fail the turbine wheel within the turbocharger may hit the housing or the turbocharger shaft could break. In either case, there is a risk that the damage could lead to a loss of power or even to engine stalling, which could increase the risk of a crash.

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From the driver’s seat, the problem may look like a number of different warning messages from the car, including an EPC light, an MIL light, or an oil warning light. The driver may also notice indications like extended cranking, rough idling, or a lack of power.

Audi will begin notifying its customers about the issue on May 20 and they will be invited to bring their vehicle into the dealership in order to have the recalled component removed and replaced. The oil strainer mesh will grow from 30µm to 90 µm with the new part.

Any customers who were forced to replace the mesh and repaired any consequent damage before the recall was announced will be reimbursed.

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