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The Hyundai IONIQ 5 And Its Kia EV6 Cousin Go Head To Head In This Video Review

Hyundai and Kia are both taking on the EV market with excellent options. The former has focused on a retro-styled spacious crossover shape while the latter has pushed for a much more futuristic design. In this latest comparison of the two, each one has some big highlights of its own despite sitting on an identical platform.

We really liked the Kia EV6 when we got to drive it a couple of months back. It’s fun to drive, pretty quick, and actually handles quite well. At the same time, storage isn’t exactly a strong suit and some folks really dislike the styling. That’s one facet where the IONIQ 5 has won over almost anyone that’s seen it.

It’s funky and delightfully old-school in all the right ways. Edmunds found the same thing in their comparison of the two cars calling it “one of the coolest designs to ever come out of Hyundai. We know, that’s not necessarily a high bar. Nevertheless, it is novel and will turn heads for many years to come.

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Driving impressions are where these cars take a different road according to Edmunds. The Hyundai offers soft, relaxed, and comfortable driving for the most part. The only downside was a bit more body roll than in the EV6. That tight suspension really stood out to testers.

The Kia is quick in the turns and nimble in comparison with its corporate cousin. The AWD model pulls you out of turns quickly while the RWD version allows for playful oversteer.

Edmunds pointed out a few flaws as well. For one thing, neither vehicle offers much cargo space in the rear. Neither one offers much space in the front trunk either. And both have things that can be nit-picked inside of their interiors.

Ultimately, both of these vehicles are good overall and Edmunds points that out by saying that they wouldn’t have a problem recommending either one. Neither one is perfect but both are aggressively priced, well made, and competitive when it comes to specs and range.

Lead Image Credit: Edmunds


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