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Take A Tour Of The Mercedes-AMG One During A Special Customer Driving Event

The Mercedes-AMG One is one of the most complex performance cars ever built for the road and if you’ve ever wondered why it took so long to reach production, this clip provides a detailed breakdown of what makes it special.

Recently, the German car manufacturer held a very special event for Mercedes-AMG One owners at a German racetrack. YouTuber Rana65556 was in attendance and in addition to getting a detailed technical breakdown of the car, also had the opportunity to go for a passenger ride in the car.

During the video, the Mercedes employee talks about some of the most complex features of the car. One intriguing system used by the AMG One is a pre-heated catalytic converter system that allows the engine to meet emissions requirements. He notes that the system will heat the catalytic converters for approximately 50 seconds before the engine itself can fire into life.

Speaking of the engine, it is the same basic 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 as the current Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 car but its rev limit has been reduced to 11,000 rpm. The V6 alone is good for 566 hp and receives supplementary power from a 161 hp electric motor on the crankshaft, a 121 hp motor incorporated into the turbocharger, and two motors on the front axle that combine to add 322 hp.

A host of different driving modes are offered with the AMG One, as the engineer explains. These consist of Individual, EV, Race Safe, and Race and have been designed for use on public roads. A Race+ mode has then been enabled for use on a racetrack that lowers the ride height and raises the front louvers and the rear wing. Found within Race+ are settings to control the power flow of the electric motors as well as a Strat2 mode designed for one maximum qualifying lap.


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