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Take A Detailed Video Walkaround The New Tonale, Alfa Romeo’s Make Or Break Moment

The Alfa Romeo Tonale has arrived at a critical time for the Italian car manufacturer and while journalists have yet to have the opportunity to test out the small SUV, a number have been able to check it out in person, roughly five weeks after the vehicle’s online unveiling.

Alfa Romeo has big ambitions for the Tonale. In fact, Alfa Romeo thinks it could double sales across the brand, bumping them up from the 55,000 units delivered worldwide last year to beyond the 100,000 mark. Introducing an SUV of this size is the perfect way to increase sales but at the end of the day, all of Alfa Romeo’s lofty sales goals will be pointless if the car isn’t any good.

Visually, it certainly stands out. An overview from Autogefühl provides us with a detailed overview of both the Tonale’s exterior and interior and in addition to looking fresh and modern, the Tonale is also clearly identifiable as an Alfa Romeo. The front fascia is particularly bold thanks to the triangular-shaped front grille and the menacing LED daytime running lights. Spin above to the rear and you will find similarly complex LED taillights, making the Tonale stand out from other Alfa Romeo models.

The interior of the Tonale is another highlight. Among the key features include a configurable TFT instrument cluster measuring 12.5-inches and a 10.25-inch main infotainment display with Amazon Alex functionality.

The Tonale is especially important for Alfa Romeo because of what it has going on under the skin. Two regular hybrid powertrains will be available, as well as a plug-in hybrid, and conventional combustion engines. Both regular hybrid models feature a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine paired to a 48-volt 15 kW electric motor, with the base model producing 128 hp plus 20 hp of electric power while the high-end model has 158 hp and the same 20 electric horses. The plug-in hybrid could prove particularly popular and runs a 1.3-liter engine driving the front wheels while there is an electric motor powering the rear. It pumps out a combined 272 hp.

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