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Software Error Could Cause Hyundai Ioniq 5 And Kia EV6 To Rollaway In Park

Hyundai will recall 10,729 Ioniq 5s while Kia another 9,014 EV6s as a result of an issue with the shift by wire system that could cause Park to temporarily disengage, potentially allowing the vehicles to roll away.

Hyundai is not aware of any instances of this happening in the U.S. but did initiate the investigation because of four cases in which this occurred to Ioniq 5s and one in a Kia EV6 in South Korea.

In those cases, the owners claim that the vehicles inadvertently rolled away after being parked on an incline and shutting off the ignition. Following an investigation into these claims, Hyundai determined voltage fluctuation could impact the command signal from the Shifter Control Unit, which operates the shift-by-wire system.

If this occurs, it could lead to a momentary disengagement of the parking pawl, a pin within the transmission or drive system of a vehicle that works to physically prevent the car from moving while it is in Park.

Hyundai’s investigation also determined that issue affected the Genesis GV60 and GV80 EVs. Fortunately, these vehicles have yet to reach U.S. customers and will, therefore, be fixed before they’re delivered.

For owners of the Ioniq 5 and EV6, meanwhile, Hyundai will reach out by first class mail starting on July 10. They will be asked to return their vehicles to their local dealer in order to have the Shifter Control Unit’s software updated free of charge. The fix will prevent the parking pawl from being moved out of the park position with the vehicle turned off.

Until then Hyundai recommends that the owners of these vehicles park their vehicles on level ground and avoid parking on an incline until the recall has been performed.



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