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So You Hate BMW’s Current Grilles, What’s The Best Looking One Ever?

OK, we get it, you hate BMW‘s current grille, we’ve seen all the memes, all the jokes, and all the hate online. You said it looks like bugs bunny’s teeth, you said it’s too big, and you also said a bunch of stuff that we can’t write here because this is a family website. But if this is as bad as it gets, what was peak BMW?

We’re inclined to say that the kidney grille is the most iconic grille ever designed. BMW has been around since 1916, and in that time has gone through many changes, many eras, and many different designs (not to mention that they started with airplanes, not cars). No matter how much the brand changed, however, it always kept design features that threw back to previous models.

One of the biggest problems we can think of is that the BMW grille stands out too much. It may sound counterintuitive, but good design means not standing out. Now, we’re not saying that a car should look boring, overall it should still be unique and interesting in order to capture the attention of the buyer. But individual elements of a vehicle’s design should flow together and coexist with one another, otherwise there’s visual conflict.

BMW E30 M3

So using those tenets, we present to you, the BMW E30.

Yes, the classic small BMW that’s been a favorite of enthusiasts for many years, due in no small part to the classic kidney grille. The design is unmistakably Bavarian-isch, unobtrusive, but iconic. The grille doesn’t seem so special, but if you were to take it away, you would realize just how much it adds to the overall design while remaining subtle.

We think that’s one of the reasons BMW chose to go in this direction in the first place. The double kidney grille design is unmistakably BMW, and maybe they overdid it a bit for the latest edition, but we’re sure they heard your comments all the way in Germany and are thinking of something new and exciting. But until then…

What do you think is the best BMW grille?

BMW 1 copy
BMW e31 8 Series
BMW 3 copy
BMW 4 copy


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