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Sleeper 1964 Holden EH Premier Hides A 600 HP Godzilla Six Under Its Unassuming Hood

Often times we see classic cars swapped with more modern engines to give the vehicle more character or power, however they typically tend to be similar to the original engine in spirit. That’s exactly why this 1964 Holden EH Premier is so fascinating, because it has a heavily modified straight-six engine from a Nissan Skyline crammed into its engine bay.

The car is listed for sale on Australian Muscle Car Sales with an asking price of AU$99,500 ($70,680), and the engine in question is not a typical RB straight-six sourced from Nissan’s most popular GT-Rs, rather it’s a Frankenstein motor called an RB26/30. This mix-and-match engine uses the bottom end of the RB30E and the head of an RB26 as a way to combine their most desirable performance characteristics.

And on top of that, the one in this car is modified to deliver over 600 hp (608 PS / 447 kW), which is more than five times as much power as this Holden was making stock. Some of the modifications include an upgraded turbocharger, custom forged pistons, new rods and cams, custom extractors, and a stainless steel exhaust system.

But if you thought the car was all engine, you’d be sorely mistaken. It also has all the modifications necessary to handle the power and make it enjoyable to drive. These include a strengthened chassis, a new steering rack, upgraded brakes, a new transmission and shifter, stronger axles, and a new differential. Inside, there’s a six-point roll cage, a new steering wheel, new gauges, and racing seats with harnesses. The only real giveaway of this car’s performance are the new wheels mounted on semi slick tires, but those are period correct enough that most likely wouldn’t even notice.


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