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Russian Oligarch’s €600,000 Armored Mercedes-Maybach Seized As Part Of EU Sanctions

The EU is going after Russian oligarchs due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The latest is Alisher Usmanov, who’s had his armored €600,000 ($654,330) Mercedes-Maybach seized by authorities in Sardinia.

According to Italian publication Corriere della Sera, the vehicle was seized as part of sanctions against oligarchs who may have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The vehicle would have been used to transport foreign dignitaries during secret visits to Sardinia, including Putin himself. It could also have been used by former president Demitri Medvedev, or Putin’s daughters.

The Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Guard VR10 features huge tires to handle the weight of the car, can withstand machine gun fire and explosives, and are designed to be used even when burst. The windows are four inches thick and require pneumatic motors to open and close them, while the doors can only open with hydraulic pistons.

The entire car is armor-plated, and the VR10 designation means that the vehicle has been built to withstand explosives. According to Mercedes, the luxury sedan can handle the blast of two hand grenades exploding at the same time.

Powering the 5-ton monster is a 6.0-liter V12 producing 612 horsepower. The car also features an ear-piercing alarm that can be activated by passengers, an onboard communications system, and finally, an air filtration system in case of a gas attack.

Usmanov is said to have close ties with Arzachena, the administrative hub of Porto Cervo, where he is an honorary citizen. The Merc was bought in Sardinia in 2018 for a sum of €600,000 ($654,330).

The 69-year old was also formerly a shareholder of Arsenal football club and was once said to be the UK’s richest person. Usmanov is worth an estimated 15 billion pounds ($19.6 billion) and has had other assets seized in Sardinia, including six more cars and a 14.5 million pound ($18.96 million) complex in the Gulf of Pevero, just south of Porto Cervo.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 pictured

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