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QOTD: What’s The Most Pointless Feature In Modern Cars?

Technology improves faster than many of us can keep up with and that includes the technology in the cars, trucks, and SUVs that we all drive. Much of that technology is stuff that we love and when we asked you what you wanted above all else, the answers proved how many features you all appreciate. Today, though, we ask which singular feature is so ridiculous and pointless that you don’t understand why it exists.

Unlike that QOTD about which feature you wanted in every single car, on this one you have to pick one feature and explain why it’s the most pointless in existence. In addition, before we all agree that BMWs don’t need turn signals again, let’s take that one off of the table. We’re thinking of stuff that might sound cool in theory but ultimately makes no sense.

For example, how many of you BMW drivers use that hand gesture infotainment control feature that makes it look like you’re attempting (and usually failing) to Jedi mind-trick your car into turning the volume up or down? Come to think of it, a lot of modern uber-luxury cars offer stuff that’s a bit silly like the Starlight headliner that can be added to your new Rolls Royce.

What about volume sliders where control knobs would be much faster and more articulate? We personally love a car that has a dual-clutch and excellent paddle shifters. But do those same paddles make any sense in a car with a CVT?

One thing that has always made me laugh in all of the silly BMWs I’ve owned over the years, including an E32 750il, was the cold weather warning that would pop up in the dash. Yes, BMW, I am very very aware that it’s cold, I just got out of that cold weather and into you. Thanks, I guess though…

Perhaps we need to think outside of the box, or in this case the car. How about fake vents, trunk-mounted spoilers on front-wheel-drive cars, or dual exhausts that actually come out of the same single muffler could all qualify here. So you tell us… what’s the most pointless feature offered on modern cars?


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