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Porsche Must Re-Recall Certain Cayennes For Prior Repair Conducted Without Alignment

Owners of certain 2021-2022 model year Porsche Cayennes may be sick of hearing from their dealers, as a new recall on 1,241 vehicles that had already been recalled has now been issued. The new recall comes as a direct result of a previous action regarding faulty suspension parts, the repairs for which now require an alignment.

The story starts in April 2021, when Porsche and Bentley issued recalls in the U.S. regarding nuts on the trailing arm of the rear axle that “may not have been manufactured according to the required specifications.” There was a fear that they could break as a result of stress corrosion.

The solution to that was to replace the screw connection on the rear trailing arm with new lock nuts that meet the required specifications. Unfortunately, suspension alignment was not originally included in the remedy procedure for the recall campaign.

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Now, there are fears that this may result in alterations in the wheel alignment and, in some instances, to premature and uneven wear of the tires. That could lead to an unexpected decrease in traction, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration writes.

As a result of this, Porsche is calling vehicles that received the fix but did not receive an alignment back to the dealership to have their alignment checked and adjusted. The vehicle’s tires will also be checked for premature or uneven wear and will be replaced where necessary, free of cost to the owner.

Fortunately, Porsche has records of which vehicles received what in its campaign management system, meaning that, although the initial recall involved a total of 1,568 vehicles, it knows it needs to re-recall 1,241 vehicles. As this is written, Bentley has not issued a similar recall.

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