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Oh, My, This Owner Of BMW 5-Series Sees Vents, Vents Everywhere

For the most part, vehicles that we see adorned with cheap accessories from the likes of AutoZone and other stores are all pretty cheap and quite often, rather beat up. However, this BMW 5-Series is a little different.

The 5-Series you’re looking at is an F10-generation model that was built between 2010 and 2017 and while it isn’t the most recent version of the sedan, it is still a luxurious and relatively expensive car. Evidently, that hasn’t stopped its owner from making some very questionable modifications.

oh my this owner of bmw 5 series sees vents vents everywhere a23611cPhoto Reddit

These photos of the Bimmer were recently shared to Reddit and show it sitting in a parking lot somewhere in the U.S. For some strange reason, the owner has stuck on dozens of fake vents across the car’s body, starting at the front end where there are fake vents beneath the headlights and a host of chrome trimmings.

The questionable modifications continue on the hood where there are also chrome accents as well as no less than three fake black air vents. Cast your eyes to the top of the windshield and you will also notice a vortex generator, even though these should be applied to the rear of a car’s roof and not the front.

Things continue along the sides of the 5-Series where there are fake chrome vents on the quarter panels and doors, as well as various other pieces of chrome trim. We’ve only been able to find a single, low-resolution image of the BMW’s rear end but it shows a large wing painted in black.

oh my this owner of bmw 5 series sees vents vents everywhere 470eb19Photo Reddit


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