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Mystery Of “Damaged” Yet Clean Looking New 2022 Jeep Wagoneer Solved – And Someone Paid $70,500 For It

On Thursday, we posted a story about a totaled 2022 Jeep Wagoneer that was being sold on Copart with a salvage title. The thing was, it looked perfectly clean and we were at a loss for why it was being sold by Copart. Thanks to a helpful reader, the mystery has been solved.

The Wagoneer was one of a pair being sold by the auction site and it was mysteriously described as having damage “all over.” The pictures revealed no sign of damage, however, leaving us to wonder why it would have a salvage title.

Well, it turns out the answer was under our nose the whole time. Reader “iggination” pointed in the comments that we had featured the SUV before but in a slightly messier state of being.

mystery of damaged yet clean looking new 2022 jeep wagoneer solved and someone paid 70500 for it ba08d92The Wagoneer in February 2022 mystery of damaged yet clean looking new 2022 jeep wagoneer solved and someone paid 70500 for it c93338bThe Wagoneer in December 2021

“This is a Copart resale of the previous Copart listing, only this time it’s been cleaned up,” they wrote. “It was involved in one of the California wild fires. The heat and ash did a little bit of mostly visual damage, but I 100% believe the insurance company wrote it off without seeing it in person. I borderline think this could have been insurance fraud perfect timing.”

Thanks for reading closely, iggination. Comparing the listings, the VIN number do match, even if the pictures do look slightly different. The Wagoneer is a lot cleaner but it wasn’t exactly charred to begin with. Although the evidence of the fire was a little clearer to see in December, it was always quite a clean vehicle.

That doesn’t however mean that the insurers were being bonkers. Fun fact or whatever, my house burned down when I was a kid and the stuff that came out of the wreckage still smells bad about 15 years later. Smoke damage is legit folks.

That doesn’t mean, though, that this Jeep Wagoneer should just be thrown out. With an estimated retail value of $98,723, someone seems set to get a great deal on it as, now that the auction has ended, the highest bid was $70,500.

Thanks to ‘iggination’ for the tip!


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