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Malaysian Shop Makes The Toyota Celica Look Like A Compact Muscle Car

The Toyota Celica used to be the automaker’s compact sports car and one example in Malaysia recently benefited from a thorough restoration and a host of upgrades.

This Celica was overhauled by a company that clearly weren’t afraid of taking the original design of the car, altering it, and creating something that looks part-Japanese sports car and part-American muscle car.

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The Toyota started out life as a bright orange example and the first thing done was to remove the engine and give the car a fresh lick of black paint, instantly making it look much more aggressive. Some alterations were also made to the bodywork, including the fitment of flared front and rear wheel arches, an enlarged rear lip spoiler, and a brand new front fascia that ditches the standard headlights and now has a full-width grille with LEDs behind it and supplementary headlamps positioned below.

Some other changes have been made. For example, the Celica now sits on a set of aftermarket four-spoke wheels and the original door handles have been removed, creating a cleaner design. A set of big brakes are also visible.

A number of changes have also been made to the interior. Gone is the original black leather and black plastics across the seats and dashboard and instead, the Celica sports new seats clad in orange leather and Alcantara. The sports car also features bright orange leather across parts of the dashboard while other interior components are finished in freshly-appointed black leather.

Finally, the original 2.2-liter naturally-aspirated inline-four has also been modernized and upgraded.


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