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Lucid Wants To Create An Immersive Customer Experience With Its Studios

Starting a car company from scratch is no easy feat. Not only do you have to actually create the car but you need to establish some kind of dealership and/or service center network to ensure a vehicle reaches the hands of paying customers.

With the all-electric Air, Lucid Motors has produced what appears to be a superb luxury vehicle and to accompany it, the electric car manufacturer has started to establish a number of retail studios and service center locations across the United States. This clip provides us with a detailed tour of the company’s flagship studio, located in Beverly Hills.

Each Lucid Studio includes an Air that customers can check out in person to see if it is the right vehicle for them. In addition, every Studio will get a dedicated area focused on colors, materials, and finishes, helping customers configure the Air to their preferred specifications.

Perhaps the coolest feature of Lucid’s studios is the virtual reality experience they offer. The company has constructed a basic mockup of the car’s interior that a customer can sit in. They then put on a pair of VR goggles and can step inside their dream Lucid Air, complete with all their chosen options and finishes.

Lucid is especially proud of the fact that, unlike many other car manufacturers, the vast majority of the Air’s parts have been developed in-house. This includes the battery pack, electric motors, and power electronics, so it’s little surprise that each studio also has an area where some of these technologies are displayed. The studios also include a merchandise area.


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