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Lamborghini Huracan STO Reminds Jay Leno Of His Own Beloved Miura

While Jay Leno doesn’t own any Ferrari models, he does have quite a number of Lamborghinis. He famously has some 80,000-miles on a Countach. And his Miura is a stunning yellow example that he drives often too. In this review of the Huracan STO, he says that the new car reminds him of the old one.

Jay is joined by Andrea Baldi who is the President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini America. The pair of car aficionados take their time pouring over each detail of the Huracan STO even going as far as to remove the rear engine cover to get a better look at the 640-horsepower (470 kW) naturally-aspirated V10.

Leno first points to the way that the front clamshell hood opens up as a link between the Miura and the Huracan STO. That DNA tie-in only exists because Lamborghini created the STO with the single-piece Colfango that unites both the fenders with the hood itself. What’s very different between the two is how they handle high speeds.

Jay recalls that over about 120 mph, the Miura starts to experience lift on the front axle as higher airspeeds push the car up off of the ground. In fact, he says that it’s a scary car to drive fast. The STO, being far more advanced, utilizes that same high airspeed to push the car down to the ground harder for even better handling.

Of course, the cars remain similar in the way that they shrink around you and provide an incredible sound, says Leno. “Boy that’s a great engine, it just feels modern, there’s nothing old-fashioned, like a scalpel versus a knife,” he remarks.

He even goes so far as to say “I highly recommend this car” which is something we almost never hear on his channel. It’s probably fair to say that history won’t remember the Huracan STO anywhere nearly as well as it does the Miura but it’s nice to hear how they share family genes from an independent fan who clearly loves them both.

Jay finishes off by saying that he’s going to go find some more places to drive the dark gray super sports car. We don’t blame him either.

Lead Image Credit: Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube


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