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Jaguar TCS Racing Reveals Concept Livery For Gen3 Formula E Car

Following the reveal of the third-generation, all-electric Formula E race car, competitor Jaguar TCS Racing has revealed the concept livery for its 2023 test car.

“Everyone is excited at Jaguar TCS Racing to reveal our test car concept livery for Gen3 with a fresh, modern design,” said Team Principal James Barclay. “The abstract livery marks a bold look for the team as we prepare to the next era of Formula E.”

Inspired by the sharp, angular lines of the new car, the racing team has chosen to go for a monochromatic color scheme that adds a “sophisticated feel” to its test car. The livery will be applied to the Jaguar I-TYPE Gen3 development car for the important track test phase, which is set to begin shortly.

This won’t be the final livery for the race car, though. The revised, final color scheme and graphics will be revealed later this year, ahead of the ninth season of Formula E racing.

“Gen3 is an important milestone for the World Championship with the most advanced electric race car we have ever seen,” said Barclay. “We expect the new Gen3 race cars to bring even faster, exciting, and more dramatic wheel-to-wheel action in new city center race tracks.”

Indeed, the Gen3 car is 135 hp (100 kW/137 PS) more powerful than the Gen2 car, despite being lighter and smaller. It’s also more efficient, generating up to 40 percent of the power it needs for a race as it runs with the use of regenerative braking.

Jaguar is so committed to the series that four race cars will be powered by its powertrain technology this year. The manufacturer plans to supply the high-voltage electric motor, the inverter, transmission, cooling system, casing, and suspension for both the Jaguar TCS Racing team and Envision Racing.

“The Jaguar TCS Racing team is ready to take on the new challenge and we are looking forward to compete with this new car and technology against the very best,” concluded Barclay.


2022 Jaguar TCS Racing I TYPE Gen3 Concept Livery 5
2022 Jaguar TCS Racing I TYPE Gen3 Concept Livery 1
2022 Jaguar TCS Racing I TYPE Gen3 Concept Livery 2
2022 Jaguar TCS Racing I TYPE Gen3 Concept Livery 4

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