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Is The ABT Audi RS7-R Worth Its Wild $200,000 Price Tag?

Audi has built a stunning sports sedan in the form of the RS7 but the tuning folks over at ABT have gone one step further to produce 125 special editions with almost 700-hp each. As we take a closer look at the modifications that are included and some that are available we’re left wondering if you think the cost is worth the product.

The base Audi RS7 starts at $118,500 and that includes a 591-hp (440 kW) twin-turbocharged V8, Quattro AWD, and an eight-speed transmission. It’s a potent package that we’re fans of but the team at ABT has a knack for going bigger before they go home.

And that’s why ABT built the RS7-R Limited Edition to address those with the need for more speed. The engine is almost untouched but manages to make 690-hp (514 kW) thanks mostly to ECU tuning.


Of course, the rest of the car is also fitted with ABT-specific features like a new muffler, “high-performance” HR22 wheels, and of course, a carbon fiber ABT trunk spoiler. That lightweight material, carbon fiber, is a main feature of the ABT package too.

It’s featured on the shift knob cover, the rocker panels, the side skirts, the front lip, and the front trim pieces. ABT also adds a dashboard emblem, entrance lights, and floor mats. All this exclusive and largely appearance-focused package costs is $38,990 if you already have the car or $200,000 if you don’t.

Of course, astute buyers might know that ABT also offers a “Power Upgrade” with an ABT ECU, wiring harness, and mounting bracket that matches the ABT RS7-R’s power for just $3,990. That’s right, you can spend roughly a tenth of the special package price and get the same power.

In fact, that would leave you with around $34,000 extra to spend on your own personal customizations which would take your vehicle from 1 of 125 to 1 of 1. But that’s not to say that there’s no merit to the modifications that ABT includes in its package.

As a brand, ABT has long supported the weekend speed demon and the folks that want to get more performance from their somewhat nerfed stock automobile. It’s a hefty price to pay but we can understand why it will be worth it for about 125 people in North America.

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