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Incorrectly Cast Suspension Knuckles In VW Taos And Tiguan Leads To Recall Of 10,000 Vehicles

Volkswagen is recalling 10,119 of its crossovers in the U.S. as a result of a production issue in the rear suspension assembly that could lead the knuckles to fail.

The recall involves the 2021 and 2022 Tiguan as well as the 2022 Taos compact crossover whose rear right or left knuckle could become cracked and break because of a manufacturing error.

The failure is estimated to affect six percent of the recall population in which the break waves mechanism in the degassing station where impurities are removed before the injection of the rear knuckle failed. That issue, in turn, appears to have happened because the parts were incorrectly cast.

Impurities could affect the longevity of the part and if the knuckle fails, the stability of the rear suspension would be compromised, increasing the risk of a crash. Volkswagen believes that just 1,242 knuckles were cast incorrectly but, since they made their way into the Tiguan, the issue may not be confined to the United States.

American owners of vehicles in the recall population can expect to receive a notice about their Tiguan or Taos starting on May 20 and will be asked to bring their vehicle into a Volkswagen dealer for inspection. If necessary, the dealer will replace one or both knuckles at no cost to the owner with new, correctly made parts.

incorrectly cast suspension knuckles in vw taos and tiguan leads to recall of 10000 vehicles 4dc6272


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