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How Do You Think Tesla’s Rivals Feel About Twitter After Musk’s Takeover?

It’s been a day full of news surrounding Tesla and more specifically Elon Musk himself. Now that his bid to buy Twitter has resulted in a formal agreement for him to take the social media platform private for the wee sum of $44 billion, all sorts of dominoes are falling. That has us wondering how you think rivals of Tesla will react to the news.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we already know what some of those rivals feel about Elon Musk becoming the big boss over Twitter. Yesterday, we mentioned a salty but not unreasonable tweet from Ford spokesperson Mike Levine.

In that tweet, Levine criticized Musk by posting a 2016 story about how the Tesla CEO canceled a customer’s order because Musk felt that the customer was “super-rude”. Of course, it probably didn’t help that said customer had published a blog post criticizing Tesla. That’s not the only shift we’ve seen on Twitter already though.

Just minutes after the announcement that Musk would take over Twitter, longtime rival Henrik Fisker announced his departure from the platform saying “Please follow me on IG from now on if you want updates. Thanks”.

Somewhat notably, Musk and Fisker have feuded in the past after the latter made his own car while working as a designer for Tesla. The former once said of the Fisker Karma “It’s a mediocre product at a high price… The car looks very big, and yet it has no trunk space and is very cramped inside, particularly in the rear seats.” If you’ve ever been in a Karma you’ll know that criticism to be true. Despite that, Tesla lost its case against Fisker.

Interestingly enough, Fisker Inc. still has a Twitter account and posted to it as late as today. The divide between individuals and automotive brands themselves could continue to widen as time goes on too. Tesla is not without its fair share of serious rivals.

Will those rivals continue to feel comfortable advertising on Twitter now that it’ll be owned by the CEO of another car company? While Musk seems committed to free speech and transparent source code we can’t be sure of exactly how he’ll approach being the guy in charge of how rivals market on his platform either.

So how do you think rivals will handle this new shift on one of the world’s most influential platforms? Will there be a vacuum of large companies or executives that leave or is all of this kerfuffle much ado about nothing?


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