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How A New Audi R8 Spyder Ordered By Rich 20 Y.O. Kid Turns Sour Nearly Costing Salesman His Job

A custom-ordered Audi R8 V10 Spyder almost cost a salesman his job, after the 20-year old that ordered it decided to back out of the deal at the last minute.

The story was posted to the r/Cars subreddit, where it currently has over 1400 upvotes and 266 comments. In 2015, the poster “corporalb00bs” (let’s call him CB) had just started working at an Audi dealership in Canada, when a young man who couldn’t have been more than 20 years of age rocked up in a Mercedes-Benz C63 hoping to buy a supercar.

In what seemed like the easiest sale of the century, the young man (named Tim) walked through the order guide with CB, checking off all of the options that would make any car enthusiast drool. Tim didn’t even want to test drive the vehicle, as his dad had one already.

After all was said and done, the order sheet listed off an R8 V10 Spyder with a 6-speed manual in Suzuka Grey with a red roof and black/red diamond stitched interior. Tim even checked the $6k option for carbon fiber light-up sills. All in, the price of the vehicle was up well over $200,000, and Tim’s dad was going to deliver a cheque upon arrival.

R8 2
Static photo, Colour: Kemora gray metallic

Except, the R8 would never be picked up by Tim. Instead, when the salesman called to inform him the vehicle was going into production, it was all bad news. Apparently, Tim’s dad wasn’t too happy with his son buying a supercar while he was on vacation and wanted the deposit back right away.

Despite the salesman having done nothing wrong, the dealership was forced to return the deposit after Tim’s dad made a formal complaint against Audi Canada, and threatened to smear the dealership everywhere he could. Needless to say, both the General Sales Manager and the Sales Manager were far from happy.

Nevertheless, even though Tim didn’t want the car anymore, the general manager determined that the R8 was still desirable enough to have on the showroom floor. But when the car showed up, it stuck out like a sore thumb, especially because it was sitting on a set of gaudy chrome rims.

The R8 sat around for months, constantly reminding CB of that incident. It would take until the last day of the year for the vehicle to be sold to one of the dealership’s long-time customers, ending months of agony for CB.

R8 3
Static photo, Colour: Kemora gray metallic


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