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Here’s A Ridiculously Powerful Porsche Track Toy For Those Who Want To Flirt With Danger

First introduced by Porsche in late 1996, the 986 Boxster is nowadays a bargain as you can find a used example at a very affordable price. This 2000 Boxster, however, is a different beast altogether thanks to more than 600-horsepower and just about all of the racing equipment you could ever want.

Up for sale through Bavaria Motors online, the listing calls this a 968 prototype without any specifics as to exactly how it came to be that way. What it does tell us is that originally this was a normal 986 Boxster that essentially all of its body removed and replaced with a mix of panels made from kevlar and carbon fiber.

The lightest factory-made 986 weighed in around 1,250 kg or 2,756 pounds. This car tips the scales at just 980 kg or 2,160 pounds. That’s a saving equivalent to removing the entire weight of the average adult male grizzly bear from the car. The builder wasn’t done there though.


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