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Get A Detailed Look At Ken Block’s Insane Porsche 911 ‘Hoonipigasus’

Ken Block and his team have built some of the craziest race cars and drift cars ever conceived but his latest project, the Hoonipigasus, might just be his most outlandish to date.

The insane creation was recently unveiled and will be driven by Block at the forthcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It was built through a collaboration between the Hoonigan Racing Division and BBi Autosport and will compete in the Pikes Peak Open class.

While the Hoonipigasus started out life as a classic Porsche 911, it shares very little in common with its former self. Virtually every body panel is new to dramatically increase the vehicle’s track and radically improve its aerodynamics. Among the most obvious aero elements are the massive front splitter and the huge rear wing.

A newly released video by Ken Block offers us an excellent insight into what had to be done to bring this crazy 911 to life. One of the unique aspects of the car is the fact that it is now mid-engined and all wheel drive. Apparently, it is the first mid-engined all-wheel drive Porsche 911 ever built.

The engine is based on the powertrain of a 2016 911 GT3 R race car that has new pistons, rods head studs, and now features a pair of the largest turbochargers that Garrett’s motorsport division have ever produced. The engine displaces 4.0-liters, will run methanol, is expected to rev to 9,600 rpm and will pump out 1,400 hp at sea level. At the top of Pikes Peak, the team says it will deliver 800 hp.

This video also features an interview with Trouble Andrew, an artist also known as Guccighost who created the wild livery for Block’s 911 inspired by Porsche’s iconic 1971 917/20 Le Mans racer lovingly known as the ‘Pink Pig.’


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